A Note for Specialists


If you're already heavily involved in reaching the immigrant communities in your city, you will probably realize that there may a group from a certain country missing in your zip code or the number is lower than you expected.  Most counts on this map will be seemingly undercounted from reality for a couple reasons:

  • it's 2000 data and most immigrant populations have grown since then

  • if people are 2nd generation immigrants, they likely said they are from the United States, not from a foreign nation.

Keep in mind that the most important thing isn’t whether there are 162 or 116 Cambodians in a zip code, the most important thing is that they’re here and that we need to develop plans to reach them.

Note: A primary religion was assigned to each country based on highest number of adherents.  For example, all Indians are classified as Hindu, even though the country is 15% Muslim.

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