Long Term ( 1+ years )


Some people start their missions journey to the unreached, only having heard of an agency or two. Others are overwhelmed with all of the agencies that are out there! This chart will help you sort through them all to help you find that agency that is right for you, or at least help you narrow down your options to 2-4 that you can start the process with.

21 Questions To Ask A Sending Agency


Sending Agency Requirements

  • must have at least 2/3 of members working among the unreached
  • must have at least 250 members that are U.S. Citizens
  • must have been incorporated for at least 10 years



Specifically For Boomers

finishers sq

Helping the Boomer generation find their role in the Great Commission



Specifically For Teachers

mission teach sq

Connecting educations with opportunities among the nations


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